William White

From Mark Lebow: William Mathews White, Jr. was my freshman year  roommate at Vanderbilt Hall in 1957 and my close friend through our graduation in the Class of ’61.  When he lived in NYC, we shared a house together in East Hampton, NY.  For many years I visited him in his then-home in Aspen, Colorado, where we skied together.  His father owned the Bank of Aspen and he owned Great Western United.
Bill passed away on September 21, 2021 after a long illness.   He died in Jerome, Idaho, near his final home in Sun Valley,  Bill was born in Pueblo, Colorado on May 30, l939.   At Yale, Bill did well in Directed Studies.  After Yale, he developed several businesses   He lived in Pueblo, Aspen, Denver, New York City, East Hampton and finally in Sun Valley.   He is survived by his adoring and adorable wife, Mimi Avins, and a son, William Burke-White.