Thomas Minoru Kubota


Died March 3, 2003

College: Trumbull

Widow: Mrs. Thomas M. Kubota
1522 16th Avenue East
Seattle, WA 98112-2807

Children: Kai Ishigai, 1973

After Yale, Tom spent time in Japan, studying and working in the fields of design and architecture. His adventures took him to New York, Helsinki, Finland, and Osaka, Japan. He met his wife Kikue at the 1970 Japan World Exposition, where both worked at the U. S. Pavilion; Tom worked as an architectural/exhibition designer. Shortly thereafter, Kikue joined Tom in his return to Seattle, where they eventually married and settled. He did return to Yale to receive a Masters Degree at the School of Architecture in 1971.

Over the next twenty years, Tom worked as an architect and taught at the University of Washington. The highlight of his professional career was working as the Project Manager for the major Elephant House Exhibit at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. He later served for ten years as Capital Project Coordinator of Parks and Recreation for the City of Seattle from which position he retired in 1996.

In retirement, Tom enjoyed traveling with his wife and son. He was very active with the Boy Scouts of America. Along with a close high school friend , he volunteered as a mentor for the football team of their alma mater, Cleveland High School.

Tom passed away suddenly in March 2003. He was 64 years old. He is survived by his wife Kikue, son Kai, three sisters, and many nieces and nephews.

—by Kai Kubota

Possibility — by Tom Kubota

Who I am

is the possibility of

joyful discovery of the human spirit

for all people,

and this is who I am