September 2023 Report


Edward H. Cantor
John P. de Neufville

DeForest W. Smith

Louis P. Allyn

Alan F. Blanchard

James W. Breznay

E. Alan Brumberger

Richard C. Carr

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Frederick P. Stratton, Jr.

Josh E. Taylor

Vincent E. Teti

Andrew M. Ullman

September 2023

Dear Y’61,

We hope you had a wonderful summer and are enjoying the warm September temperatures. We are writing to share some exciting news from Yale School of Medicine – Yale Cancer Center.

President Biden’s Cancer Moonshot Program recently launched a $2 billion research funding agency known as Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H). Dr. Richard Edelson, Anthony N. Brady professor of Dermatology at Yale School of Medicine and a former Director and ongoing prominent leader of the Yale Cancer Center, along with teams from Emory University and the University of Georgia, are the first to receive funding. The total grant of $25 million over 3 years will be split between the teams. The research teams are working together to study the immune system for the development of personalized therapeutic vaccines against cancer and emerging infections.

“The vast majority of therapies, including immunologic therapies, are medically manmade,” says Edelson. “The cancer vaccine we’re striving to create is not manmade. We’re trying to harness and direct a powerful, nature-invented force, the natural immune system, and we think that we have a genuine fighting chance of accomplishing that goal.”

More about this exciting news can be found in the Yale School of Medicine, August 28th announcement. (See the link below.)

This grant, along with the income provided by the generous Endowment gifts from the Class of 1961, have the potential to enable Yale Cancer Center and Yale School of Medicine’s faculty and investigators to advance the fight against many different cancers.

Again, thank you!

With warm regards

Ed Cantor        John P. deNeufville          Frosty Smith