Roy Edward Dando


Died September 23, 1970

College: Branford

Widow: Mrs. Roy E. Dando
Address Not Available

Roy was one of my closest friends and my roommate for all four of his years at Yale (Lawrence and Branford). He was a terrific, thoughtful and generous person. We had many things in common including majors (I.A.), friends, interests, commitments (NROTC), and social activities. He never seemed to miss a major social activity on campus while still doing extremely well academically.

I was Roy’s Best Man at his 1961 wedding to Maude after which he immediately began active duty in the U S Navy as an Ensign. I followed him into the Navy also as an Ensign in 1962 and unfortunately lost touch with Roy (I served in the Far East until 1966 and then entered graduate school).

In 1970, I received the shocking news of his passing despite his brave and private battle with cancer. The funeral service for this young man was devastating for all in attendance. I was so saddened that I had lost touch with Roy and was not aware of his illness. He would still have been one of my best friends.

Roy will always be remembered by everyone he encountered. His good nature, upbeat personality and loyalty were always so evident to his classmates, other roommates (Carl and Gaston), the NROTC Midshipmen, and his U S Navy shipmates. He would have been an amazing leader in any career he chose if he had only been given the time. But he was taken from us at such a young age (31). We all miss Roy so much.

— by Steve Bansak