Rostislav Romanoff Jr.


Died January 7, 1999

College: Timothy Dwight

Widow: Mrs. Rostislav Romanoff Jr.
Address Not Available

Children: Stephena; Alexandra; Rostislav; Nikita

Known as “Rosti”, he was born in Chicago, the only son of Prince Rostislav Alexandrovich of Russia and his first wife, Princess Alexandra Pavlovna Galitzine (later Mrs. Armour) (1905-2006). He was a grandson of Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna and Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich of Russia, and thus the great-grandson of Tsar Alexander III. Prince Rotislav’s parents divorced in 1944.

Prince Rostislav spent his early life in Chicago and, after attending Phillips Academy, Andover, he graduated from Yale. He worked for the Northern Trust Company in Chicago was eventually transferred to its London office. After leaving the Northern, he became a merchant banker and affiliated with the Bank of Lichtenstein.

In 1998 Prince Rostislav visited Russia for the funeral of his great uncle Emperor Nicholas II. Shortly after returning to the United Kingdom he was taken ill, with doctors believing he caught a rare disease from the dust at the church where the funeral took place. He subsequently fell into a coma, dying in London.

Prince Rostislav was first married in 1960 to Stephena Verdel Cook, and they had one daughter before the marriage was dissolved in 1980 — Princess Stephena Rostislavovna Romanov.

Later, he was married in 1980 to Christia Ipsen and they had three children —

•Princess Alexandra Rostislavovna Romanov (born 1983)

•Prince Rostislav Rostislavovich Romanov (born 1985)

•Prince Nikita Rostislavovich Romanov (born 1987)

—summarized from obituar