Robert Hazard Chetty


Died February 6, 2000

College: Saybrook

Children: Karen, 1964; Robert, 1967

… from 25th Reunion Classbook

My adult life is characterized by change and challenges; convictions (non-legal) and commitments; crises, confusion and delusions. My recipe for living in our times is: two marriages, three children, four employers, five mortgages, six shrinks, seven tuitions due and a mid-life crisis in a pear tree. Pretty normal, I guess.

Four companies since Yale (15 years with Xerox). Ten years of high-tech engineering, followed by corporate planning and sales marketing management. Eleven moves, including Italy, California, New York, Texas, Illinois, and New England (many). A highlight was development/delivery of the secret message network used from 1966 to the late 1970’s to provide the President with crisis briefings.

My greatest blessing has consistently been my family. Sue and I are coping with our toughest change, with the oldest gone and the other two in prep school. The silence is deafening. We miss them, but in a positive way for each is a healthy, positive individual, full of sound values. Sue and I are now doing more for ourselves…