Richard Kevin Olsen


Died September 1, 2010

College: Berkeley

Widow: Mrs. Sharon Arnold
702 East Orangewood Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85020-5042

Children: Camille, 2000

… from 25th Reunion Classbook

In 1973, I left the steel and glass canyons of my native New York City and headed west in a private plane seeking the better life. After 5 months of touring the U.S., Alaska, the Northwest Territories, and the Yukon with tent and sleeping bag, I finally discovered Sedona, Arizona. In the spectacular beauty of this community, I have found peace, contentment and, surprisingly, financial successes I never imagined would be here. Recently remarried (1982), my wife and I work together, love together, and play together 24 hours a day and cherish every minute of it.