Richard B. Prud’homme


Died November 22, 1992

College: Pierson

… from 25th Reunion Classbook

Since graduating from Yale in 1961, I found that graduate school (Architecture) was very challenging and definitely a worthwhile experience. Too bad that I didn’t catch on while at Yale. The value of having gone to Yale has now become important. An example, what with M.S. and working with the State’s Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, it was the counselor who picked up the fact that I had gone to Yale as being more important than my having gone to architectural school and having been practicing as an Architect (registered for the last 10 years or so.) An interesting change in emphasis.

My career took me to East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, via France, Italy and India, and gave me the opportunity to see other parts of the world: Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia.

My architectural career moved smoothly from Richmond, Virginia to Boston, Massachusetts, back to Richmond and to Connecticut.

According to my doctor, I probably caught M.S. when I had a bad reaction to shots and vaccinations before going to East Pakistan back in 1969. Things have been fairly rocky since then, progressively getting worse until I was given the opportunity of leaving my current job at one point with a Disability Retirement, which I did. The only problem was that no one wanted to hire me and, until I became connected with the Rockefeller University’s clinical labs research program with M.S., I haven’t felt that much was happening, but at least I feel that there is much chance to stop and reverse the course of the disease.