Peter Hill Beard

From various newspapers: Peter Beard, a flamboyant, swashbuckling New York photographer, artist, naturalist, socialite died in April, 2020 in the woods near his Montauk, Long Island home. He had suffered from dementia and had experienced at least one stroke. Peter is best known for his death-defying photographs of African wildlife, captured most notably in the book, “The End of the Game”, which documented the vanishing romance of Africa and the tragedy of the continent’s imperiled wildlife, particularly the elephant.  He made his first trip to Africa in 1955 with the great grandson of Charles Darwin and ended up, after Pomfret School and Yale, living and working in Kenya for many years. He is survived by our classmate, Sam Beard  [], and his older brother, Anson Beard, Y’58. The family commented: “Peter died where he lived: in nature”. As one of our classmates said: “Peter lived a life about which many of us dreamed. His writing contributed greatly to my own enthusiasm for Africa”.
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