Paul Mark Kanzer


Died November 19, 1974

College: Branford

Paul and I roomed together in Branford College along with others. He was an accomplished student who studied psychology in the “directed studies” program. He grew up in Harrison, NY and matriculated to Yale from Harrison High School. I could tell his story, but I think the best way to tell it is to quote from the following, which appeared in the “class of 1961” column of the Yale Alumni Magazine in April 1975:

“I am sad to report a note from Dr. Mark Kanzer regarding classmate Paul Kanzer. Paul died last November [1974], and his father shared the following information with us: ‘After graduation Paul received a Ph.D. in psychology at Stanford University and taught successively at Berkeley, San Francisco State College, and the University of Massachusetts in Boston. At the last named, he was assistant professor. To name these places is to cite the turbulence of a decade and then the increasing financial difficulties of educational institutions. While he observed with keen interest the evolving social scene, his real happiness came in the last two years as clinical and research psychologist at the Menninger Foundation. Here he was able to indulge his primary interest in student mental health and found a community in which he planned to marry and settle permanently. Unfortunately an untoward accident claimed his life.’ ”

—by Bob Budnitz