Mark G. Littlefield

Died July 25, 2009

College: Timothy Dwight

Widow: Mrs. Mark G. Littlefield
34 Hill Valley Drive
Lancaster, NY 14086-1053

Children: Pamela Turnbull, 1969; Colin Littlefield, 1996

Mark was a poet and a linguist and a friend. He was from the small town of Hull, Massachusetts, and was the first member of his family ever to go to college. He had a full scholarship and was intellectually gifted, even by Yale standards. He spent his junior year at a university in Spain, became a gifted linguist, and later became a professor in the New York State University system at Buffalo.

Mark came from a family of heavy drinkers. Even at Yale his drinking caused seizures and he attended his first AA meetings while at Yale and entered a rehab program. By our 25th reunion, one classmate noticed he was jaundiced, but he eventually became a grateful recovering alcoholic. The fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous prolonged his life, as it has for an unknown number of his classmates and millions of other men and women.

—by Dick Anthony and Chum Geissinger