Lou Goodness

Lou Goodness, 83, passed away at his home in Sagle, ID on Sunday, February 20, 2022. A private family service will be held at a later date.
Louis Praprost Goodness was born on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1939 in Watertown, NY. He was named for is father’s father, Louis and his mother’s maiden name. He later changed his name to be simply, Lou Goodness. This simplicity was his hallmark. He never used an honorific, using just the person’s name when addressing envelopes. He didn’t wear a watch and he didn’t like dining out.
He was the only son and pride and joy of Harold and Deane Goodness, teachers at the local high school where Lou attended.
His father was born in the home that his father built in Glens Falls, NY. His mother’s family, the Praprosts, originally from Austria, were from Schenectady, NY.
Lou followed in his father’s footsteps as an active member of the Boy Scouts serving as a leader and achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. He pursued his scouting leadership while in college. Boyhood camping and hiking in upstate NY, turned into camping all over the country including mining towns and the west, often with his dad.
Following graduation from high school he obtained an engineering degree from Yale. He was in ROTC. His assignment was Commander on a ship, the USS Havre on Lake Michigan. This was during the Vietnam years and he marveled at how lucky he was.
Following his naval service, he went to work for Bethlehem Steel. His work later took him to Indiana, Michigan, Southern California and Seattle. He never returned “east” as he would say, and always managed to find a home on water whether a lake or the ocean. Later in California, he built a lighthouse overlooking the Pacific. With help from Native Americans, it was briefly a Bed and Breakfast.
Lou could walk into any space with a firm and humble stature, ready to share a keen intellect and caring heart with everyone around him. He was a spiritual servant, capable of connecting with those less fortunate. Lou aspired to bring out the best in everyone, especially young adults who needed advice, direction, and inspiration. He was a ‘professor of fun’ and always brought cheerfulness during challenging times. Often, Lou would deliver a witty poem or very direct feedback with grace, depending on the respective situation.
Lou loved outdoor adventures with his dog best friends, Max, PJ and Rocky and was always attracted to climbing mountains and exploring lakes by boat and along the shore. He decided to begin a new chapter of his life and moved to Sagle, Idaho in 1993. Lou served his community and connected with fellow neighbors, always willing to lend a helping hand and spirited laughter to those around him. Lou enjoyed skiing at Schweitzer during the winter and loved the warm summer months on Lake Pend Oreille every year. His passion for his dogs, hiking, boating, and water sports was unmistakable.
Not only was Lou incredibly generous with his time and sharing of life experiences and knowledge, but he also had a wonderful sense of humor. He was a talented poet and ventriloquist who would often perform for neighbors and friends. Lou and his performing character “Butch” would make jokes about each other and leave the audience in tears from laughter. He had the best nostalgic tee shirt collection, best taste in quality pizza, and lived life without a single regret. Lou is the definition of “Goodness”.
He is survived by his first cousin, Judy Gallagher Ryan and his second cousin, Mark William Byrne on his father’s side and a host of friends who adored him as if he were family.
Lou was preceded in death by his parents and by his first cousin on his father’s side, Francis Harold Byrne. And, by 2 aunts and cousins of his mother’s family.