John E. Kenna

On February 17, 2021 John Edward “Jed” Kenna died with family by his side. Jed was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 22, 1939 to Captain William Edward Kenna and Elizabeth Paton Kenna.

As the children were raised in a military family, Jed and his older sister, Francie, moved around quite a bit. Some of their fondest memories were from time spent living in Virginia Beach. Jed loved the beach, a lot.

He loved to spend time at the beach house in Spanish Grant on Galveston Island. A surprise purchase from his wife, Jed and his family spent many summers playing on the beach, swimming out to the sand bars, and catching lots and lots of fish. Jed could spend hours in the sun and he never got sunburned.

Jed was a true gentleman and he loved his wife of over fifty years, Barbara McLamb Kenna, in an honest and chivalrous way that is a rarity nowadays.

He followed in his family’s legacy and became a Lieutenant in the United States Navy. He was an excellent sailor who had many adventures on the water with his best friends, including racing in regattas and sailing to Vera Cruz.

A graduate of Valley Forge and Yale University, he was extremely intelligent, polite, and incredibly well read. He passed this love of reading on to his children and grandchildren.

His drink of choice was an Old-Fashioned, he did all his own yard work, he always signaled a turn when riding his bicycle, and he could read while riding in a car and never get carsick. The latter being very beneficial during the many, many family vacations spent driving across the country.

Jed had many unique and special skills including yo-yoing, whistling, knot tying, and performing incredible feats of mathematics without using anything but his own mind.

His favorite scapegoat was an imaginary person aptly named, “Jerk-O”.

His taste in music was broad and diverse; Jazz and Cher were always his favorites though.

He could rock a pair of plaid pants and is well known for wearing his Kelly Green sportscoat to special gatherings.

Jed Kenna was a great man, but more importantly, he was also a good man. A man you could depend on to be honest, try his very best, and help wherever or whenever he was needed.

He was a wonderful husband to his wife, Barbara. He was an amazing dad to Elizabeth and Parker and the Best Pops Ever to Casey and Chloe.

Those who knew Jed were lucky to have had him in their lives. He will be missed and always remembered.

Jed is survived by his wife, Barbara, his son, Parker Kenna, daughter-in-law, Kris Kenna, daughter, Elizabeth Caplan, son-in-law, Kevin Caplan, and granddaughters; Casey Barefield and Chloe Caplan.