John Denis Moore Jr.


Died July 7, 1995

College: Branford

Widow: Mrs. Linda Gates Moore
303 Arlington Drive
Pasadena, CA 91105-3372

Children: Caroline, 1968; William, 1972

John loved life. He enjoyed each and every day with wonderful friends, his family, and running his commercial real estate business. He played squash several times a week and even taught me to play. We traveled throughout the country and in Western Europe meeting new friends while John played the game at the Master’s Level. Sadly, John died of a massive heart attack in 1995 while we were playing tennis in Newport, RI. We had just enjoyed our annual family reunion with John’s four sisters and several cousins in Watch Hill.

Maysie Starr and I recently met during Thanksgiving in Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania while I was visiting John’s sisters for the holiday. Tat and John were long-time friends from school. It was a delight for me to reacquaint with one of John’s dear friends. Maysie was so warm and welcoming and encouraged me to come to the 50th in June.

John’s two children, Caroline and Bill, are grown and married. His son and wife, Amy, are expecting their first child in May. John would be thrilled. John’s four sisters adored him; he was their big brother they admired. We all miss him.

—by Linda Gates Moore