YAM Notes: January/February 2020

(Obituaries are posted in the Memorials of deceased classmates.)

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January/February 2020

While Will Sargent is recovering from a heart attack, Jamie McLane and I will endeavor to bring you the latest Class of ’61 news. Your part is to send either one of us some of your updates. These Notes are only as good as you make them. For example, Cindy and I were in Brooklyn the weekend before Thanksgiving to attend the wedding of our granddaughter Katherine, who will graduate from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine this spring. I have joined the Board of the Child and Family Agency of Southeastern Connecticut. Lou Allyn

By the time you are reading this we will have switched from our ‘50th reunion website at yale61.org  to a new site to be determined.  Many if the features are the same; the biggest change is a shift to the YAA directory where you will use your personal Yale  8xxxx ID to create a new login name and password. Emails are to be sent out in December with detailed instructions and your ID, in case you don’t remember where you wrote it down.

Again, we have classmates who have died: their full obituaries were previously emailed to the class.

George Doubleday II, founder and Chairman of Geographic Expeditions, an early leader in adventure travel, died unexpectedly on September 1, 2019 in San Francisco, CA following heart surgery. George was a native of New York City and Ridgefield, Connecticut. He graduated from Yale in 1961 and joined the Marines; he then returned to civilian life to work for Pan American World Airways. When he returned to the States, Geo moved with his family to San Francisco and took leadership of a small travel company that he grew into GeoEx.

Edward Ezekiel Etheredge, M.D. of Bartow, FL died October 8, 2019 in Bartow, Florida. Professor of Surgery Emeritus at Tulane University, he graduated from Summerlin Institute, Yale University, the Yale University College of Medicine, and the University of Minnesota, earning his PhD. He did his surgical training in renal transplants, vascular and general surgery. Dr. Etheredge served as a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army and earned an Army Commendation Medal for Meritorious Service while practicing at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Ed was an accomplished artist and a world class fisherman. Dr. Etheredge was also an environmentalist, historian, collector and author of numerous publications  and surgical books.

Bryan Holland Wimberly died July 21, 2019 in Houston, TX, from complications due to Alzheimer’s disease. A lifelong Houstonian, Bryan graduated in 1957 from St. John’s School, earned a B.A. at Yale University in 1961, stopped by the University of Texas long enough to find a wife, and finished his education with an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Finance in 1964. Bryan was an active participant in the Houston business and service communities. His business career began at Texas Commerce Bank, moved to Kelley Manufacturing, and through various sales and mergers ended at DXP Enterprises, where he served in executive positions and as a member of the Board of Directors.

Phil Periman writes: Staying in touch with members of our class allows me to live several lives vicariously. My roommate Charles Deahl’s 80th Birthday present was a 2017 f-type Jaguar coupe in silver with standard transmission. Having lusted after a Jag all my life, I am jealous. However, I don’t envy his driving a standard shift car in NYC traffic. John Cogswell and his wife, Jane,t recently sailed to England on the QE2, black tie dinner dance and all. When Charlie Deahl, Ross Reynolds, and I sailed to England in 1956, we were in steerage in a ship packed with other kids; no black ties.  Charlie Hamlin turned down my invitation to a Colorado Avalanche hockey game because he and his wife, Linda, were camper van touring the southwest. Earlier last fall he and Jamie McLane fished the Colorado river at Lee’s Ferry,AZ, something I’ve done three times with Hamlin with great success.

Then there was the mini-reunion in Dallas hosted wonderfully by my Amarillo schoolmate, Roy Pendergrass; 51 people gathered and visited the Bush Presidential Library, the Perot Museum of Science, and the art district in downtown Dallas. We also ate in the first pizza restaurant in Texas.  Robert Browning and his wife, Jeanne, visit Amarillo because one of their four daughters is married to the senior minister of an ECO Presbyterian church. This past November Robert joined me in the choir of St Luke’s Presbyterian church, as it is still part of the mainstream denomination. We had a great time being old fashioned Presbyterians.

Mike Samuels writes: Lena and I have had a very full fall — a trip to Paris and Morocco, a long weekend in New Orleans, with Ed Cantor and Rise Siegel, a several day visit to Columbia, South Carolina with son Joel and granddaughter Audrey, and, to top it all off, in a private ceremony in the chambers of Hon. David Tatel, U.S. Circuit Judge of the US Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, we got married!  A very happy moment!!!

Upcoming Mini-Reunions:

Charleston, SC March 24-27 2020; Kansas City, MO October15-18, 2020