James J. Patryn

Died July 28, 2013,Los Angeles, CA

College: Jonathan Edwards

Jim died July 28, 2013 in Los Angels from metastatic breast cancer. He lived in Sherman Oaks, CA, served in the US armed forces, was an Attorney and never married.

Jim Barnes and I roomed with him in JE our Junior year.

Lou Allyn

Email from Jim Barnes

Jim Patryn roomed with Lou and me (and Paul Porvaznik) Junior year and with Dan Veber, Mike Errico, and me before that. After that he lost most or all of his scholarship and wrote to me to send him his stuff in storage in New Haven. I haven’t had any contact with him since the late 1960s when he called me in Chicago from a party in, I think, LA. I doubt he has had any other contact with Yale since 1960. His older brothers were settled in Manchester, New Hampshire, where Jim ‘s parents lived. His older sister lived in Sherman Oaks. I searched his name today and once many years ago. He apparently graduated from college and law school locally and practiced law in Sherman Oaks as a solo practitioner.

I am copying Dan Veber, Mike Errico, Herb Rothschild, and Herb Elliott, and Bob Nester, who will likely recall Jim Patryn.