I. Tatnall Starr


Died Aug.2, 1938. – January 21, 2006

College: Calhoun
Major: English
Graduate School: Wharton/University of PA, MBA, Business, 1967
Military Service: USNavy Lt.jg

Widow: Mrs. Maysie Starr
4711 Fox Hound Drive  (updated August 19, 2020)
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444
215-983-9449 (mobile)
Maysie Starr [starrmaysie13@gmail.com]

Children: William F., 1966; Emily L., 1968; Lise, 1971
Grandchildren: Kai Starr, 1993; Vivi Starr, 1995; Lilly Starr, 1998; Maya Mahar, 2005; Tess Mahar, 2008

This 54 lb. striper caught in Nantucket Harbor on a fly tied from fur from our Golden Retriever’s tail says a lot about Tat. He was supremely inventive and extremely good at everything he did. Tat’s Quaker ethic heritage dictated that, of course, he would tie his own flies vs. buying them. He learned well. The “Lucy” fly, among others, went on to catch many a big fish in far away places that we visited together such as Mexico, Andros Island, Chile, Argentina, BC, Alaska, Zambia, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, Botswana and the Seychelles which was our last, great trip together before he died in Jan. 2006 from anaplastic thyroid cancer. We loved to travel but always with a focus or two: photography and fishing.

Learning the skills of salt water fly fishing became his final focus in conjunction with the relatively new wonders of digital photography, editing, printing and presentation. His subjects ranged from African wildlife with an emphasis on Wild African (painted) Dogs, birds and “elies” to the nocturnal kaleidoscope of underwater tropical fish and anemones. He delighted in the creation of professional programs and accompanying scripts which he presented to many enthralled audiences.

Long before salt water fly fishing consumed his time, Tat’s single digit handicap won most tournaments that he entered; however, a hunting accident ended his days on the golf course. The resulting hand injury prevented him from holding a club. Not deterred, he proceeded to other challenges, continuing with tennis (he was an ambidextrous southpaw) and learning the vast potentials of the computer in relation especially to the digital camera.

Tat never ceased striving for excellence no matter what the challenge or circumstance. He excelled through 6 years at St Paul’s School, Yale, OCS in Newport, Navigational School in GA, duty aboard the 6th Fleet flagship USS Littlerock, Wharton B. School, passing the grueling CFA exam, 40 years of marriage, parenthood, grandparenthood, faithful service as a financial advisor and chair on many Phila. boards and, finally, after decades managing portfolios at Mitchell, Sinkler and Starr, he retired in 2005. In 2006, his faithful, fond, close friends and Yale roommates Andy Block, Dick Dilworth and David Noble were with him in Hospice in the end.

His life was full and fascinating making ours richer by having been a part of it.

–- by Maysie Starr