Future Zoom Events

October – no seminar KC Mini 10/12-15
November 15, 1:00pm Jim Simon Supreme Court

September 27, 12:00pm Citizen Kane
November  TBD, 12:00pm Dr. Strangelove

Colin Bradford Y’61

Non-Resident Senior Fellow

Global Economy & Development, Brookings Institution

The China-West Dialogue, of which Colin is the Lead C0-Chair, is an inclusive project which draws together thought-leaders from China, Canada, Chile, Europe, the UK, Japan, Korea and the United States. The CWD seeks to define an “alternative framework” for China-West relations at a moment when the toxic U.S.-China bilateral relationship dominates geopolitics. The CWD’s fundamental goal is to help reshape the narratives and behaviors of U.S.-China relations from friction to function by engaging other middle and major powers, as well as emerging powers, in a reframed China-West relationship. Through trust building and generating open dialogue, the CWD aims to increase the effectiveness of the G20 in mobilizing policy responses to systemic crises and in managing geopolitical tensions. It seeks to model more productive dialogues by including a fresh set of “key concepts”, themes, and proposals. The ultimate aim is to identify new political dynamics that yield more productive international relationships.