Future Zoom Events

Future Zoom Events

How Might “Elders” in our Society Best Address the Climate Crisis?

On Tuesday, March 21st, at 1PM EST, Wilford Welch will give his assessment of how our world will change over the next decade due to global warming. He will then suggest practical ways members of the class of ’61 can help address the climate crisis that will enable our grandchildren to live the safe, healthy and satisfying lives we have been so fortunate to live.

Attached is a two page sheet of actions he will discuss. Use this link https://mcusercontent.com/0cfc2870dc402a8860c5397f2/files/38b18f6a-d9d3-fd55-fd63-97ae890b634b/CLIMATE_ACTIONS_2023.pdf

While paperback, Kindle and iBook editions of his book, In Our Hands – A Handbook for Intergenerational Collaboration and Action to Solve the Climate Crisis, can be purchased from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, you can download a free PDF copy of his book by: 1) going to www.WilfordWelch.com, 2) going to the “book” tab, and 3) clicking “Free PDF download” in one of the black tabs in the middle of the page.

A Zoom link and a reminder email will be sent out several days before March the 21st.