Franklin Hanus Blackmer Jr.


Died December 23, 1998

College: Pierson

Children: Laura DiMartino, 1963; Tracy, 1967; Michael, 1969

I underwent a personal revolution in 1970, opting for a divorce, a career change to small town medicine, part-time farming. This was partly successful until 1981 when I was again divorced and moved to rural Colorado. My goals have been to make only enough money to satisfy the requirements of alimony, child support and assist my children financially through their undergraduate years. To this end, I have a minimum of material possessions, no retirement plan or savings account, but I live happily, high in the mountains of Western Colorado, overlooking the beauty man has yet to despoil. Whatever I can spare, I give to the Wilderness Society, Nature Conservatory, Colorado Wildlife Association, Cousteau Society and the like. As a result, I drive old cars, wear old clothing, but basically run my life the way I like.

— from our 25th reunion book