Dennis Thomas Koromzay


Died March 3, 2005

College: Timothy Dwight

Widow: Mrs. Liesbet Koromzay
332 Vernon Avenue
Venice, CA 90291-2637

Children: Dennis Ananda, 1966; Alix E., 1969; Daniela E., 1971

Dennis and I got married in July l965 just after he graduated from Yale Law School. We had met each other many years before that in Holland. Dennis’ father was the violist in the Hungarian Quartet and his parents had moved to Holland from Hungary around l938. His mother went back to Budapest to give birth, and that is where Dennis was born in l940. I also was born in l940 in Holland a few months after the war had started. In 1944 our family was evacuated to a large house. One of the other families was Hungarian. They had two little boys and it was there that I first played with Dennis.

After the war our family moved back to our house, and we rented the second floor to the Hungarian family. For me it was wonderful. I had instant playmates. When Dennis was ten years old his parents decided to move to the United States. The Quartet got a position at USC in Los Angeles.

At my young age it seemed so far away. I thought I would never see him again. In l964 I had a chance to take a student boat to America. Less than a year later we got married, and how lucky I was to be with this wonderful, loving and kind man.

We lived most of our married life in Washington DC and had 3 kids. We spent one year in Palo Alto when Dennis got an MBA at Stanford. In 1991 we moved to Budapest for 2 years where Dennis worked to establish a new IFC office.

We both loved biking and hiking, travelling and music.

I know Dennis felt very grateful to have spent his college years at Yale.

Four years ago I moved to Venice, California to live next door to our daughter.

—by Liesbet Koromzay