Clinton Sawyer McIntosh


Died July 8, 2005

College: Pierson

Widow: Mrs. Jean McIntosh
Apartment 5-D
250 Kawaihae Street
Honolulu, HI 96825-1900

Children: Kevin McIntosh, 1972
Grandchildren: Shaelyn McIntosh

Clinton Sawyer McIntosh was born in Winnepeg, Canada. His family moved to Concord, California when he was seven. At Yale, Clint was a football cheerleader for two years. He foresaw the future of computers at a time when most of us were only dimly aware of them and created his own major in mathematics and philosophy to get the background he wanted.

His subsequent career was mainly in military communications and intelligence, starting with his service as an Air Force officer. He worked for a number of contractors and directly for the Navy, earning the National Intelligence Medal of Achievement, awarded personally by the Director of the CIA in 1997. In the words of one of his colleagues, Clint was a ‘brilliant professional, who truly loved his work’.

Clint loved travel. For work, he lived more than five years in Germany and England and six months in New Zealand. After retirement, he and Jean traveled widely in Europe and Asia. Clint and Jean also enjoyed attending several Yale class reunions and reconnecting with his roommate at Pierson College, John Hansman.

Clint passed away in July 2005 after a long battle with cancer. He lived most of his life in Hawaii after graduation. He is survived by wife, Jean, son, Kevin, daughter-in-law, Robyn, and granddaughter, Shaelyn. Clint lives on in the hearts of his family who deeply miss him and will always remember him as a loving and generous husband and father.

—by Jean McIntosh