Class Seminars

Class Seminars:
– November 21, 2022 Jay Carney “The Role of White House Press Secretary”

– September 21, 2022  John Paoletti “Learn my Language: Strategies of Medici Patronage in 15th Century Florence”

– May 18, 2022 Mary Habeck, PhD “Putin’s Russia”

– April 27, 2022 Michael Auslin, PhD “The China Reckoning”

– March 16, 2022 MacFarmer ’61, Gordon Gibson ’61, Herb Rothschild ’61: “Civil rights in AL, LA, MS in 1960’s &       70’s

– February 15, 2022  Marc Lapadula  Four Films that Changed America
– January 19, 2022  Joe Novitski ’61: Journalism Then and Now/The Changing Oceans

– January 7, 2022 Janelle Kellman: Sea Level Rise Projections and Local Solutions
– November 18, 2021 Bob Budnitz: The current status of nuclear power worldwide, and its prospects for contributing to easing electricity shortages in a climate-constrained world.” Bob Budnitz Talk
April 22 2022   Dear Classmates,  As you will recall, our classmate and nuclear engineer, Bob Budnitz, intrigued many of us with presentations last year about the new generation of small, modular, factory certified and manufactured nuclear power plants that he feels can safely help the U.S. and the world transition off petroleum and natural gas.Attached is a popularized article he just wrote with five friends and colleagues, that came out in the April edition of the magazine NUCLEAR ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL.  read by thousands around the world. Recording:

Access Passcode: $NYN7qa@       Regards, Wilford, Jim, Colin and Jamie

– October 15, 2021 Mary Habeck’s Talk on Polarized America

– September 14, 2021 Jonathan Holloway ’91 PhD: The History of Racism in America