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The thrice postponed Kansas City Mini is now scheduled for October 12 – 15.  Patrice and Ed Robertson have been working and reworking this reunion to perfection.  Let Hank Kuehn (see above) know if you intend to attend the KC Mini so we can plan appropriately.  The fee per attendee will be $450 and the hotel charge will be $189 per night. Actual registration for the Mini will be in July.

China: Crisis of Trust:  Seminar with Colin Bradford. – September 20, 1:00 pm
Film Group – Citizen Kane:  September (Date to Be Determined) – 11:00 am
Supreme Court: Seminar with Jim Simon – November 15, 1:00 pm
Film Group (Film TBD): November (TBD) – 11:00 am

Ronald K. St. John, MD, MPH says he was recently “flattered” to be appointed to a Technical Advisory Panel for the World Bank and WHO. The Panel’s task is to review how member countries can improve their readiness for the next pandemic. After reviewing proposals, the panel met in late June for a retreat at WHO Headquarters in Geneva and began awarding over $300 M available for grants. Over 130 funding requests were presented, discussed, with many recommended for funding. While on that side of the pond, Ron and his wife Peggy took a side trip to revisit Normandy and D-Day history. It is so sobering to stand on the wide beach where men ran straight into enemy fire and died. I sometimes doubt we haven’t learned our lesson yet, e.g., Ukraine.

Vince Teti and Katherine, on their way to their summer retreat in Speculator, NY, ended up in jail with Ed and Rise Cantor; that is to say, in the “Old Litchfield Jail” which has become a notable restaurant in the Litchfield Historic District. As we in our age bracket are wont to do, they also went back to roots in Vince’s nearby hometown of Torrington where they had dinner at The Venetian, a venerable Restaurant where Vince dined years ago and whose decor has not been changed for almost a century.

Steve Adolphus reports that he ran into Joan, Alfie Goldfield’s widow, at a swing dance concert at The Joyce in NYC. She is full of vim and vigor and sends regards to all. He also spotted Dick Wienert at the Hamptons Tennis Club. He is still going strong.

Bob Killebrew writes that he is still working as a Partner in WMS Partners. Continuing work apparently has not slowed down his golf game – still shooting his age at his favorite clubs in West Chop, Martha’s Vineyard and the Hillsboro Club where he fondly remembers taking the tennis team in his senior year.

No letup either for classmate Mark Lebow: who was re-elected Chairman of the Board of St. Francis Friends of the Poor in NYC. The charity provides permanent housing for mentally ill homeless persons. Mark was also re-elected as board chair of American Friends of Magen David Adom, which supports Israel’s Red Cross society.

Speaking of no let-up, Sam Beard writes once again: “The key to helping children thrive worldwide lies within the years from birth to three. Singing, talking, and playing early and often with one’s baby is the answer”.  Sam’s group GIFT CONNECT is dedicated to promoting awareness, advocacy and action around the importance of early childhood development and education, and to working collaboratively toward a future in which all children have the opportunity to thrive.


Richard S. Rogoff passed on Thursday, June 15.  Close friend Lee Gaiilard sent the following comments:  Dick majored in a combination of electrical engineering and astronomy and was a member of Berzelius, Aurelian, W1YU, AIEE-IRE, Hillel, and Secretary of the Astronomy Club. He graduated Tau Beta Pi and went on to MIT for a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and work on the guidance system for the Apollo moon rocket. Recruited by the CIA, he was put in charge of a rocket sounding station at Thule, Greenland–sampling the upper atmosphere after Russian H-bomb explosions. Upon leaving the CIA in 1966, he worked at Philco-Ford in their electronics division where he met Christine, his wife of more than 50 years. During a fateful luncheon in New York City, Dick was recruited by fellow Berzelius delegate Dave Karetsky for the world of financial investment at Goldman Sachs. Dick gave of himself to a number of worthy causes. At my suggestion he became a Trustee of Hockaday girls’ school where I chaired the English Department. Under his guidance the school’s endowment expanded by a factor of more than thirty to an amount rarely seen in girls’ schools.

James Nicholas “Nick” Noyes loved music, movies, photography and literature, A gifted teacher, he was an inspiration to his students. Most of all, Nick loved his childhood sweetheart and wife, Emily. Nick liked to say he’d known Emily since she was born, indeed he attended her first birthday party when he was two.  After Yale and military service Nick taught English and ran several schools in MA.  Nick and Emily moved to Fitzwilliam NH in 1984, where Nick took a job as a software engineer at New Hampshire Ball Bearings. Upon retirement in 2004, Nick’s contributions to his hometown included serving as the Fitzwilliam Trustee of Trust Funds and on the Town Library Board of Trustees.

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