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9/20 Seminar on Crisis in Trust – America and China – presented by Colin Bradford
9/27 Film Group Session on Citizen Kane
10/12-10/15 Kansas City Mini
11/15 Seminar on Supreme Court – presented by Jim Simon
11/29 Film Group Session on Dr. Strangelove

The Kansas City Mini was completely subscribed (55). Details will appear on the class website and in the next Class Notes.

Tom Davenport allows that Tuesday afternoons are highlighted by zoom meetings organized by Dick Egan and Rich Carr and attended by Robert Hackman, Ned Stone, and my two roommates Fred Truslow and Robert McManus. All of us are from Timothy Dwight College. We reminisce, talk politics and culture, and share stories of our declining years and health and talk about issues facing children and grandchildren. Do other classmates have groups like this?

If YOU have zoom or in-person groups like Tom Davenport, please let me know at my e-mail above. PC

Tom Johnson writes that a big exhibition of his work opens in the Guerero Museum in Granada on October 24. The exhibition includes “Knock on Wood” an installation for wood block erhythms, played by machines made by his collaborator Marti Riches. The dust jacket of his recent book describes Tom’s idea of logical music is at the heart of his work. His compositions firmly belong to the minimalist movement, within which he has been making his unique voice heard since the 1970s, marked by radicality, rigor, but also humor. Tom adds that in addition to seeing his works, we can see the Alhambra on the same trip.

After 25 years in his condominium, Jeanne and Josh Taylor moved to Canterbury Court, a Retirement community in Atlanta. We had been looking forward to the KC mini but have decided we need the time to settle in and decompress from the move. We have had two weddings of granddaughters this year – one in Atlanta (March) and the other in Portland Maine (July). I see Harvey Hill and Bob Hipps for lunch every few weeks to discuss books, TV shows and current events.

Bruce Chabner says: my wife, Davi-Ellen, and I continue to live and work in Newton and Nantucket MA. Our granddaughter, Bebe Thompson ’20 (JE), just finished her first year at Harvard Medical School and will be doing her clinical rotations at Mass General, where I have been an oncologist for the past 28 years. I have the pleasure of seeing her on the wards. Bebe’s brother Sol ’22 (JE), is starting graduate school at Columbia in environmental sciences, and brother Sam, ’23, (JE), the last of the Yale Thompson contingent, will start work in consulting this fall. Their sister, Louisa, is a third-year student, thinking about pre-med, at Colgate, and their cousin, Ben Chabner, is a psychology major in his senior year at Alabama. My Yale roommate Dick Linburg, has retired from his orthopedics practice in Hartford, CT, and now lives with his wife Virginia in Vero Beach, FL. Our other roommate, Dave Hall,’61 (JE), has retired from his law practice in Honolulu, and, with his wife, Sally, remains an avid biker. Our third roommate, Hamilton “Rocky” Rothrock, ’61 (JE) retired engineer and notorious adventurer, died some years ago while photographing penguins in Antarctica. Very sadly missed.

We received notice from Fairfax VA that classmate Hyung Kun Paul Kim (Henry) passed November 18, 2022. Born in Siniju, North Korea, he prepared at Siniju High School and spent seven years in the Korean Air Force. Upon discharge he received a Presidential Citation. After Hanyang Engineering College he matriculated at Yale in the fall of 1958. He was a ranking scholar, EE major, and was a member of JE, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E.

This note from Ann Spalding: I am sorry to report that my husband Philip Spalding passed away peacefully on July 30th.

Gordon Gibson reports that classmate Jamie Hunter is alive and well despite the tragic wildfires on Maui.

Paul Tierney and wife, Peggy, have been traveling a bit. In July, we spent twelve days cruising the west coast of Norway. Spectacular vistas and wonderful food and drink on the ship. The revenues from North Sea oil and salmon farming are very apparent in Norway. We were reminded of the country’s invasion in World War II. Five and a half-million citizens have done quite a good job with their country.

Lou Allyn, reports that on August 15th, Frosty Smith treated Cindy and me to lunch with my cousin Fred Allyn, the Mayor of Ledyard, CT. A good time was had by all!

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