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Dick Hoyer had a humorous flash-back triggered by our Mini Reunion visit to the Truman Library. It was 1957and Harry Truman and Dean Acheson were on a campus tour. Picture Freshman Dick Hoyer in the Connecticut Hall reading room. Apparently, the President saw me with my head down trying to take a break. Whereupon he loudly announced to everyone: “that’s how I like to study!” I looked up bleary eyed, but it was too late, The President had already gone. This was my fifteen seconds of fame! I was too startled to say a word but in retrospect thought of any number of wonderful things I could have said. At that time, I was a shell-shocked freshman from Alabama trying to figure out how to survive at Yale.

Charlie Hamlin writes about Dan Adams: I’ve had a number of fine fly-fishing adventures with Dan Adams over the years. Dan’s a hell of a fine angler. I watched him work for half an hour to land a 30-inch rainbow on the White River a few years back. We would often reminisce and inquire:  “Who in the class of 61 would have bet that the two of us would find our way to and through, respectively, the rigors of Yale, Harvard and Columbia, (P & S) medical school.

Joseph Schwartz reports that Marilyn and I are well, thanks to wonderful doctors who mitigate octogenarian pains. We enjoy walking in Central Park where I’m a Guide. Our “retirement village” of NYC gives us access the many activities that stimulate and give us pleasure. The year 2023 found us in the mountains of Mexico to witness the Monarch butterfly migration. We spent weeks in Israel during the spring to visit family and close friends, all of whom have just had their worlds turned upside down. October found us in Tulsa revisiting the Trail of Tears and Black Wall Street.

Jack Adler writes: My wife Adelaide and I are among the lucky ones. We are both quite healthy in our home in Margate, NJ and leave next week for 3 months in Palm Springs.

Kenneth Allen Bradford passed away on November 21, 2023. After Yale and the Downstate Medical School, he served as Captain in the U.S. Air Force and enjoyed a long career as a highly respected and dedicated pediatrician in the New Haven area for over 30 years – serving on the staff of the Yale New-Haven and St. Raphael’s hospital. Ken remained kind-hearted, intelligent, and hard-working for his entire life. You never knew when he would interject some rye witticism and make everyone laugh.

Dale Alton Lindsay passed on October 30 2023. Dale sang with The Baker’s Dozen and The Whiffenpoofs. He was admired for perfect pitch, clarity, empathy, and compassion of his voice. His special solos would regularly bring down the house. In his senior year, he was elected to Skull and Bones. After college, Dale served in the Army National Guard at Fort Dix, New Jersey. He worked at several investment firms ending at D L J. Despite long hours at work, Dale always found time for his passions: piano, skiing and golf. He loved jazz, especially his favorite, Bill Evans. Dale was just as content playing piano for friends and family as he was spending hours practicing on his own to hone his skills. At the age of 63, he was the runner-up for the club championship at The Rockaway Hunting Club. He continued pursuing perfection in golf, skiing with family in Vail and playing piano every day. Even when his health was not at its best, Dale’s upbeat demeanor did not change.

Richard Stewart, University Professor at NYU School of Law, died on November 3, 2023. Dick was a beloved figure within the legal community, known for his generosity, loyalty, and confident leadership. Richard was a scholar in environmental and administrative law. He received a bachelor’s degree summa cum laude from Yale. As a Rhodes Scholar, he earned first class honors in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from Oxford and then graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School. Stewart began his legal career as a law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart. Joining the Harvard faculty, he quickly built a reputation as an extraordinary scholar with the publication in the Harvard Law Review of his now classic article, “The Reformation of American Administrative Law”.  Stewart was a leader of the Environmental Defense Fund. From 1989 to 1991, he served as assistant attorney general which involved the investigation of the Exxon Valdez oil spill among other assignments. After leaving government, Stewart moved to NYU, where he taught a broad range of courses, authored dozens of scholarly works, and published several books with his wife, environmental lawyer Jane Stewart.

With a word of thanks from the co-chairs of the Yale Class of 1961 Cancer Center Endowment Ed Cantor, John deNeufville and Frosty Smith, they shared news that the Federal ARPA-H (Cancer Moonshot Program) recently awarded an inaugural $25M to be divided among the Yale School of Medicine Cancer Center, Emory University, and the University of Georgia. With the help of the Yale Class of 1961 Cancer Center Endowment, they plan to study the immune system for the development of novel personalized therapeutic vaccines against cancer and emerging infections.

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