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Retired Napa Superior Court Judge Philip AD Champlin passed away on February 23, 2023 from congestive heart failure. After graduating from Yale University and the University of California School of Law at Berkeley, he started his legal career in 1965 at Coombs, Dunlap and Dunlap. where he remained until his appointment to the Napa Municipal Court in 1977 and then the Napa Superior court in 1979. During his career on the bench, Champlin helped develop programs to improve the Napa and California court systems. Champlin served on and chaired other Judicial Council committees and was one of the leaders in the successful effort to unify the State’s trial courts. He enjoyed traveling, motorcycles, old cars, hunting, fishing, and boating.

Daniel Robert Schaefer passed away on March 28,2023. He was a proud member of the United States Navy and served on the USS Shangri-La during the Vietnam era. After Law School at UCONN, Dan worked for over 53 years in the Office of Assistant Attorney General in the special litigation section. He practiced until his retirement in 2022. Dan was a long-time member of Congregation Beth Israel in West Hartford and an active member of the Jewish War Veterans and had a keen interest in Israel.

Report from Class of 1961 Cancer Center Endowment
At the time of our 55th Reunion, we established the Yale Class of 1961 Cancer Endowment at the Yale Cancer Center. The Endowment has grown enough to award two $50,000 grants each year to young Yale Cancer Center scientists doing groundbreaking cancer research. In a recent report from the Center, the 2022 awardees are:

Dr. Nikhil Joshi who received a B.S. from the University of Michigan, a ScM, from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, a Ph.D. from Yale University, and was a Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT. Among other research, Dr. Joshi’s laboratory uses intricate tumor models and advanced approaches to investigate immune cell interactions with developing tumors.

Dr. Kurt Schalper who received his MD from San Sebastian University and his Ph.D. from the Universidad Catolica de Chile. Dr. Schalper has prominent expertise in studying biomarkers for anti-cancer immunotherapy.

As young members of the faculty, Dr. Joshi and Dr. Schalper are making significant advances in cancer research coupled with the expectation for future outstanding contributions to the causes of cancer and the development of novel cancer treatments.

FUTURE EVENTS – From Jamie and Hank:

Below is a schedule of what is planned for our class for the last half of the year.
We especially want to alert you to the Kansas City Mini that is coming up in October. Ed and Patrice Robertson have been working on this reunion for over three years (it has been postponed three times due to COVID) and it is shaping up to be a wonderful mini. It is essential that you let Hank Kuehn (hhkuehn@gmail.com) know if you intend to attend the KC Mini so we know how many will be attending. The fee per attendee will be $450 and the hotel charge will be $189 per night. Actual registration for the Mini will be in July.

September 20, 1:00 PM Seminar – Colin Bradford – US & China: Crisis of Trust
September (Date/time TBA) – Film Group – Citizen Kane
October 12 – 15 – Kansas City Mini
November 11, 1:00 PM – Seminar – Jim Simon – Supreme Court
November (Date/time TBA) – Film Group – (Title TBA)

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