Brian Pendleton

Brian Pendleton’s Legacy

Brian died on January 16, 2020 surrounded by family. The following morning, 9 of us walked to breakfast. Returning to our home we saw the most unusual site. A bald eagle flying above our home. We live in downtown Littleton. Although we have seen bald eagles next door on the South Platte River, we have never seen eagles on Main St. And sometimes we have to look really hard to insure it has that famous white head. The eagle we saw was flying so low that there was no question – it was a Bald Eagle. It circled our home and then flew west to the river and mountains. I believe it was Brian’s soaring spirit and he was telling us to remember a few things.

• Travel widely
• Explore broadly
• Love deeply

What a wonderful opportunity to share Brian’s 3 “beliefs” that make up part of his legacy.

Travel widely – Brian’s idea of travel was to go as far as possible, stay as long as possible, and spend as little money as possible. Travelling was Brian’s favorite pastime and, I have to say, travelling was his superpower!

Explore broadly – Brian was a “The Possibilities are Endless” person. This made him a good lawyer. His clients wanted something done and he would explore ALL the legal options. Brian’s favorite exercise was to leave the house and go, by foot or bike, in a circle exploring new terrain. And I should add that Brian’s sense of direction was notoriously horrible. So, we were lost a lot. Our kids and grandkids often shared these adventures in exploring broadly. Never ever did Brian complain about being tired or lost. I cannot say that for the rest of us.

Love Deeply – I know his Yale classmates felt this. I sure did. He loved our family. Our kids, their partners, and children were his favorite people. But he had enough love for the rest of you as well. Brian also loved his church, Columbine Unitarian Universalist Church. Brian was an atheist. Until the end. Columbine UU accepted that belief allowing Brian to be Brian.

Some people believe that holding onto life and living as long as possible are good things. Brian and I talked about living apart. Neither one of us wanted that. Until death do we part. And as all of us can attest – it took amazing love and strength for him to let go of living.