Bob Allan Brown

Bob Allan Brown  August 30, 1938 – March 1, 2024

Bob Brown, a roommate for four years, passed March 1st after a long, slow decline. Brownie was a true polymath. He served as an officer in the Navy, taught math at a New England prep school, did a stint in the corporate world, and worked as a boat builder with another roommate, Duncan Syme (who, alas, passed in May). He was also a rancher in Wyoming, practiced as a Jungian therapist, and at one point had his own car repair shop. Did the repairs himself and may have been the only Yale grad with an engineering degree to have done so. He played viola in a string quartet, came close to dying while mountaineering, and was a published poet. He converted to Catholicism and regularly visited prisoners in Colorado as a layman. We were friends for nearly 68 years.

Bob Smith ‘61