Adam W. Dibbell


Died September 1, 2009

College: Davenport

Children: Julian; Dominique; Adonya; Harry; Courtney

Adam Dibbell was recognized among his friends at Yale as a brilliantly gifted writer. He had a mordant wit and keen powers of observation. In his senior year he was a a Scholar of the House and concentrated on writing fiction, particularly his Big Novel.

Upon graduation he was awarded a Marshall Fellowship to continue his writing. Subsequently Adam crewed on an international sailing vessel and later lived in New York, Claremont, Paris and Saigon, where he taught English to U.S. troops during 1967-68. He was married three times (to Jane Riley, Barbara Wilson and Suzanna Schiff) and is survived by five children: Julian, Dominique, Adonya, Harry and Courtney.

He passed away last year having never published his novel.

—by Steve Adolphus