50th Reunion

This is the main page for links to pictures and remembrances from our 50th Reunion. Over the past 9 years, some of the slideshows are no longer available. In the slideshow below, you can click the arrows located in the middle-left or middle-right of the photo being shown, to advance or return to the earlier photo shown. You can also simply let it play through and the photos will advance automatically. Alternately, you can select from the smaller thumbnail images below the large image to see a photo in its larger version.

My A to Z Poem submitted by Peter Bergman. “The reunion was a Love-In for 70-year-olds and one of the best times I’ve had for ever so long.”  Peter Click on My A to Z Poem

Alzheimer’s 101 by Zaven S. Khachaturian

Books by Yale ’61 authors, and their biographies.